ICAM 101

Digital Imaging: Image and Interactivity

Processing I


For our first Processing assignment, I decided to make a clock by visually representing time elements as arcs. The clock constructed a series of arcs and ellipses drawn in draw(), and defaults to a sky blue color (to try to represent the sky. The clock uses a HSB (Hue Saturation Brightness) color code. 

The arc “hands” are ordered (from outer most to inner most): seconds, minutes, hours, days, months.

It has some elements of interactivity as well.  If the mouse is hovered over the second, minute, hour, day, or month element; the arc will be “highlighted”.

In addition, if the year element is clicked, the color of the background will change. I thought adding variety to the color would be cool. 

I also thought it would be cool if the background changed according to time of day. When it is noon, the background is at its brightest. When it is midnight, it is at its darkest.

I really enjoyed making this. My code is definitely not the most optimized as I am not an expert programmer, but it works! And I think it’s awesome looking!

I do plan to make the code run faster at some point in the future, just on my own outside of the scope of this class. I also hope to figure out a way to incorporate seasonal changes as well as weather/temperature changes.

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